Time for a change

I deserve to be with someone who’s biggest fear is to lose me. I deserve someone who is going to love me unconditionally. I deserve someone who will be honest with me. I deserve someone one who will respect me and my feelings. I’m tired of not getting what I deserve and being treated any less then what I should be, and today I’m only accepting the best.

The minds of men really confuse me. I used to think I was so good and I had it all figured out. I was heartless and never let anyone in ever. But the moment I do, the second I think I begin to fall for someone, that is the moment I screwed it all up. Every single guy that has come into my life leaves me. Everyone. Even my own father. I just don’t understand how one day someone feels so strong about you and tells you all these wonderful things and you’re both so happy but then you’re all alone again because that person changed there mind about you. This is just the kinda stuff that reminds me that maybe being a heartless bitch isn’t so bad after all